What looks like us can bring us closer.

In a time where social media platforms are hosting an explosion of divisions, hate, and misinformation, we believe that who we are is what will bring us together and vice versa.

A belief, conviction, job, origin, passion, or even a common favorite band: an infinity of things that can bring us closer.

And that’s why we’re here..
BubbleYou is a new revolutionary community network, which brings members together by allowing them to connect around those infinities of things that they share, and in a 100% safe and secure environment.

With data privacy as a key player,
BubbleYou platform guarantees an experience where your community feels secure and respected.


Problems that frequently face communities:

A need for members’ loyalty

Because of the poor performance of communication channels, community members are usually dispersed, passive, or poorly informed.

Lack of platforms adapted to the needs of nowadays communities

Social Media is dividing us more and more instead of uniting us.
None or a very small number of other available platforms provide communities with environments that are both customizable and 100% secure.

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Managing a community has never been easier. Connecting your members, animating your groups, raising revenues, and managing all aspects of your community is now provided to you in a unique and complete space.

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Highly customizable

With BubbleYou, your platform reflects your community DNA.
With its high level of customization, you can adjust your directory, your widgets, your members’ profiles, and much more.

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BubbleYou is an intuitive and a dynamic platform that seeks to provide its users with an unforgettable «User Experience».

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Highly secure

We are committed to providing you with 100% security and protection. At BubbleYou, you are the only owner of your data.
We take your information privacy very seriously. We are GDPR-compliant.

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Multiple Integrations

Automatically transfer your data from all the other tools you already use and centralize them in one place.
BubbleYou allows you to easily connect those tools to the platform or even create your own integrations, thanks to its robust API.

Your community,  your way !

Your community, your way !

Find out how BubbleYou helps you retain your community members, boost their
sense of belonging and their engagement level.
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