We all have heard the saying “A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality” Have you ever sincerely meditated upon this quote? We did, and we realized that bringing change to this world isn’t a matter of WILL and volunteering, but it’s about having the right TOOL to make things happen.

Gather & Build

We made it our priority to build a 100% secure environment that helps people alike to find each other and gather around their common cause.

We want each community to tell its story, create its own digital home, and make members meet wherever they are whenever they want without restrictions or boundaries.

Did you know?

If nonprofits organizations were a country, they would have the 5th largest economy in the world.

This may seem like ordinary information, but it just shows how much the impact of association is simply amazing.

Connect & Grow

Once your Bubble is created, it’s your TIME TO GLOW.
We worked on the perfect combination of features that will:

  •  Keep your community informed: through a communication banner displayed at the top of your home page feed to prominently showcase your message.
  •  Unleash the full potential of your members: through a Timeline that Fosters their engagement, liberate their energy, enable them to ask questions, comment, share, and start discussions.
  •  Unlock the creativity: through a voting system that strengthens the power of innovation and allows your members to propose/ structure and classify their ideas.
  •  Build strong bonds: through a member profiling space and messaging tool to chat directly with a peer, start a group conversation dedicated to a topic, or participate in a conversation.
  •  Help you discover your community mood: Through transcribing all the public exchanges and analyzing the most popular themes and terms. Whether they are a reflection of questions, concerns, wishes, etc. you will be able to listen to them and act smart.
  •  Surveys, Brainstorming, Conf Call, Newsflash, etc .. Know more about Bubble Features

Earn & Thrive

Not sure how to raise funds? Now with a robust and easy-to-use tool, Take your fundraising to the next level by launching and managing your campaigns with simplicity and transparency.
Grow your donor network and connect them to your greatest needs, and here comes again the power of gathering your people in one space, wherever they are.

You need each one of your advocates to find you and join you, and they as well, need to belong and be part of those communities where they can support each other and even become a crowdfunding Team and lunch their own campaigns by themselves.

Also, you can start planning your own events, not only by organizing them but also by managing the whole ticketing process to invite your members and even invite external people. You will be able to Set ticket quantity limits and gather relevant buyer and attendees information with custom forms in the simplest way possible.

Communities are all around us. And we all belong somewhere, whether they’re communities made up of origin, belief, or shared interests, but what matter the most, is to stand together, to unite and to start acting as one.

And here’s where to start GET INTO THE BUBBLE !


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