On you can at any time have a full and free trial of the solution for 14 days without obligation, in order to see if the solution meets your needs.

If you are not satisfied, you can still stop at any time!

Contact us directly on the Bubbleyou website and we will offer you payment by bank transfer.

You can still proceed with the payment, but the invoice will be issued in euros at the daily rate.

Bubble is intended for all non-profit organizations. Thus, the invoices will be linked to the name of the organization.

We will contact you by email and by phone to invite you to complete the new data related to your new bank card.

Your card will be charged after your 14-day trial period regardless of when you decide to purchase Bubble You services.

Our platform allows you to have a secure and encrypted environment that is designed on a GDPR basis. It brings together on a single platform and for a single price a set of features that are not available on free solutions.

If your platform has features that are not essential for your business, you can turn off at any time all the features that you don’t want to use. 

Thanks to the trial period, you will be able to test and judge for yourself 😀

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